What is the problem? Crank, but no Start!!?
2014-08-31 22:58:06 UTC
So, in January I bought a 98 Cavalier base 2.2L that was having a key problem which was the key wouldn't turn and I had a locksmith come out and look at it. So what he did was rig the ignition to always start with or without a basically I can start and drive the car without using my key at all. But I didn't do that, I always used my key anyway. But now the security light is constantly on and the car will not start! Could this be the ignition switch that needs replacing or the cylinder? Never had this happen then one day when I was about to go home from class it wouldn't start even though there was gas in it. When I got it towed and started it for him he said it's definitely the fuel pump (so i went an got more gas and put it in and that did nothing) but after he towed it to my house I decided to go start it and it started and I drove it to the back or my house to avoid a ticket. After that it hasn't started since and that was in May. When I had my mechanic look at it he said it wasn't getting in spark at all. I've been doing some research and it could be a lot of things but the only thing that makes sense is the ignition repair and it just went bad one day. Do you have any idea what it could be because I've already changed one ignition coil, ignition switch, battery, and ignition lock cylinder and nothing had changed.
When I turn the key to the "on" position all the lights (including security) are illuminated but not flashing.
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2014-08-31 23:19:08 UTC
putting gas in the car does not fix the fuel pump... the fuel pump is a part... its what puts the gas into the engine..... putting gas in the car only fixes empty gas tank.

No spark due to a bad crank position sensor, a faulty ignition module or PCM, a problem in the ignition circuit (ignition switch, antitheft system, wiring, etc.), a faulty park/neutral safety switch, a bad ignition coil (only on engines with a single coil ignition), or wet plugs or plug wires (did it rain last night, did you just wash the engine?)

A less common cause is a worn starter that draws so many amps while cranking the engine that there’s not enough juice left to adequately power the ignition system and fuel injectors. Contributing factors might be a weak battery and/or loose or corroded battery cables.

No fuel because of a dead fuel pump, bad fuel pump relay, blown fuel pump fuse, plugged fuel filter or line, or failed PCM injector driver circuit or injector power supply relay. Or, the fuel tank might be empty (don’t believe what the gauge is telling you), or the fuel tank might contain contaminated fuel (water or too much alcohol) or the wrong type of fuel (whoops, somebody put in diesel instead of gasoline).
2014-09-01 19:55:03 UTC
Antitheft or Security system failure is a common problem on GM vehicles. Every time you put your key in the ignition, the vehicle's security system reads the signal from your key to make sure it is OK to run. When it receives the "correct key" signal, the security system allows the starter to turn over, and/or the fuel injectors to function and your car works like it normally does every day. If you were to use a different key, or try to hot wire it, the system would shut down these parts of your car, thus making the vehicle completely immobile. This is GM's way of preventing vehicle theft. The problem is that the system is known to fail quite commonly. It has been failing consistently for around 30 years. When it fails, two things can happen. First, you turn the key and nothing happens at all. Lights work, radio works, windows work... just not the starter that you need to start the vehicle. This is a "starter immobilizer". Second, you turn the key and the vehicles starts just fine, but then stalls in 2-5 seconds. This is a "fuel immobilizer". It literally cuts off the fuel injectors and stalls the vehicle to immobilize it. These are normally, but not always followed by a light on the dash that says SECURITY or ANTITHEFT. These lights are to inform you of the system's failure to collect the information it needs from your key to the computer. If your security/antitheft light is on, odds are you will be stranded soon, if not already. Remember that the security system controls the security light. If the system is failing, the light may never warn you of the failure. There is a lot of info on this site that you can read up on.
2014-10-01 23:54:05 UTC
Update to this problem....I have changed the ignition control module and the coils and still no start. It still continuously cranks but now there is a very distinct loud kind of knock/pop sound right in the beginning of when I'm trying to start it. My brother said it can be the starter. Is it possible for the starter to be bad and cause a no spark, crank and no start?

I haven't changed spark plugs or wires or crankshaft yet. What should my next move be?
2014-09-01 08:21:27 UTC
Not to be a dick cuz i love to do as much stuff on my own as possible as well, but somethings are better left to a pro. That being said i had an 05 gmc doing the same thing, replaced ignition switch and wiring, and it ended up being a sensor for the key, because they have keys coded to the vehicles. might not apply to your vehicle
2014-09-01 15:08:46 UTC
crank but not start could be either fuel or spark ! no spark or a weak spark could be the coil or module ! if it,s not getting enough gas it could be the fuel filter or the regulator on the fuel rail ! to start out with have someone run a test on the fuel pump at the fuel rail ! if it,s reading like it should then check for spark at the plugs ! before buying a new coil or module have yours checked first !

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